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Should I Gift a Portrait?

Recently, my sons and I drove thirteen-plus hours to visit our family in The Outer Banks, North Carolina (OBX NC). My younger cousin was getting married, and it was going to be an occasion to remember. On their wedding website, they had many sections to address to their guests, such as:

  • Our story
  • Through the years
  • Wedding party bios
  • Q&A
  • Travel
  • Registry
  • RSVP

Wow, it has been a while since I have been to a wedding – they have their own websites now! In the registry section, there were many ways to assist the newlyweds in beginning their life together. For example, they had the following areas to contribute to:

  • Cash fund
  • Portrait session
  • Cooking Class for Two
  • Resort
  • Round-Trip Airfare
  • Honeymoon Fund
  • Romantic Dinner
  • New Home Fund

While they mentioned that they, “We are just so grateful for your presence to celebrate with us! We have been together for 7 years now, and we have been fortunate to have everything we currently need at home. In lieu of gifts, please consider contributing to one of our cash funds. Thank you so much!” as their older cousin, I want to get them something special, even though my cousin said she considered our traveling expenses our gift to them.

Working in the advertising/marketing industry, I get to be around a lot of talented, fun, creative people. Whether they are clients or my co-workers, there are ways I can gift my cousin and her groom their portrait session. I work with professional photographers who could easily provide this service, but considering they are a unique, silly couple who got married on May 4th (yes, they are Star Wars fans!), I think a personalized cartoon portrait would be most fitting.

Basically, a cartoon portrait is a caricature. These can be done in person or via an online meeting platform. The artist I work with offers sessions as a gift caricature for a friend or relative, a retirement caricature for a co-worker, or a commercial caricature to use for your business. They have the perfect caricature and provide all finished caricatures as hi-resolution digital files that you can have printed locally as you see fit. I think they’ll love this, don’t you?

Why are personalized gifts simply the best?

Custom, well-thought-out, personalized gifts are simply my favorite type of gifts to give and receive. During the last few Holiday seasons, when my sons asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told them to make me something. They are both older teenagers, but they still want to use my money to buy my gifts! Add to the fact that I am recently divorced from their father and am now a single mother, I do not have the finances, nor do I care to go all out during the Holidays. I am just old school, I guess; I think that having quality time with loved ones and eating good food together is the perfect way to celebrate the Holidays. Of course, when the children are young, Santa plays a big part, too.

Personalized gifts are always great because they demonstrate a profound understanding of your giftee’s personality, interests, and desires. By choosing a gift that speaks directly to the heart of your giftee, you are making a statement of love and appreciation that will be etched in their memory forever. For instance, my most prized Holiday decorations were handmade by my mom. Especially since she is now passed on, her gifts are priceless.

A personalized cartoon portrait idea aligns perfectly with the spirit of meaningful and unique gifting. But what makes a portrait, especially a personalized one, even more striking as a wedding gift? For starters, personal touches distinguish themselves from more generic gifts, offering something that can’t be found on a store shelf. This isn’t merely a material item; it captures a moment, a relationship, or a shared interest that holds significance in a tangible and artistic format.

Moreover, cartoon portraits evoke joy and laughter, traits essential for any marriage. They embody a sense of playfulness and nostalgia that a young couple, like my cousin and her husband, would cherish. Remember, gifts that can stir emotions have a lasting impact. Every time they glance at the caricature, they’ll be reminded not just of their big day but also of the whimsical side of their love story.

In addition, a carefully chosen personalized gift like a cartoon portrait often becomes a conversational piece. Imagine this caricature hanging in their living room; it’s bound to catch the eye of visitors and spark conversations, reminding them of a thoughtful friend or family member who went out of their way to create something unique and memorable.

Lastly, by opting for a personalized artistic gift, you are also supporting artists and creative individuals, helping them thrive and continue their passion. In a way, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. And let’s not underestimate the value of contributing positively to someone’s livelihood, especially when it aligns with celebrating love and partnerships.

Unique personalized gifts

There are so many ways to provide unique personalized gifts, such as the cartoon portrait we are giving my cousin and her groom. Here are some more ideas to get you started:

  • Custom Portrait Artwork: Have a professional artist create a portrait from a favorite photo.
  • Engraved Jewelry: Necklace, bracelet, or ring with initials, names, or a special date.
  • Personalized Recipe Book: Collect family recipes and compile them into a custom cookbook.
  • Photo Calendar: Create a calendar featuring personal photos for each month.
  • Custom Star Map: Print a star map of the night sky from a significant date and location.
  • Monogrammed Leather Goods: Personalized wallets, bags, or journals.
  • Personalized Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle made from a meaningful photo.
  • Engraved Cutting Board: Custom engraved with a family name, special date, or favorite quote.
  • Custom Cartoon Drawing: Turn a photo into a custom cartoon or caricature.
  • Personalized Stationery: Custom-designed note cards, letterheads, or notepads.
  • Custom Song: Hire a musician to write and record a song specifically for the recipient.
  • Personalized Map: Custom map of a city or country with marked significant locations for the giftee

Should I gift a portrait?

Portraits have the remarkable ability to evoke powerful emotions. Whether it’s a smile, a gaze, or a particular expression, a well-executed portrait can tug at heartstrings, reminding the recipient of fond memories and shared moments. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, emotionally speaking.

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