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What Are the Benefits of Decluttering?

When considering the benefits of decluttering your life, the first smart idea that comes to mind is; there will be less to move. Obviously, if you are planning a move, decluttering needs to be on the top of the to-do lists. But what if it’s just another Tuesday? Well, it turns out decluttering isn’t just reserved for times of moving. Here are a few reasons why decluttering is beneficial at any time:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: when our life’s spaces are cluttered, our minds are cluttered too. Remove and let go of the clutter and let go of some of that anxiety and stress.
  • Improves sleep: Again, the more decluttered your “sleep space” is, the less cluttered your mind will be and, thus, better able to fall asleep and have quality sleep time.
  • Boost productivity and creativity: If your spaces are organized and not cluttered, you will be less likely to procrastinate and, instead, be productive. Same with creativity; the less cluttered your mind is, the freer you become to create anew.
  • Discover lost treasures: In one of my recent ventures in decluttering, I found a gift card for $50.00 stuck inside an old birthday card! On another quest to declutter, I found an old caricature framed print of the ex-husband and I that our children never saw. Upon giving it to my oldest, he requested we hire an artist for his upcoming grad party. You never know what treasures you’ll find or what ideas come about upon finding them.
  • Rid the home of allergens: Remember all those old stuffed animals you saved? Well, they are carrying allergens, my friend. Time to go through and purge what you can. And if certain lovable stuffed friends have meaning, wash them and pack them up for safekeeping.
  • Save money: This one is easy; the less “stuff” you have and the more organized you are, the more money you will save on storing all that “stuff.”
  • Easier to clean and tidy up: Again, the less stuff you have, the less time you will spend cleaning and tidying up.
  • Store belongings: Of course, there will be things that, even though you do not need them now, you still want to keep for memory’s sake, such as toys, heirloom pieces, bedroom furniture, and children’s works of art or school, college, and university creations, these are the family memories you’ll want to keep safe. Enjoy all the benefits of a decluttered home without saying goodbye to these priceless possessions by putting them into storage.

What is the 20 20 rule for decluttering?

Ok, to be completely transparent, I am one of those folks that has a hard time detaching from certain items because they hold some type of “meaning” for me. However, I am recently learning how to let go and free up my space and mind by practicing decluttering. But I had to ask; how do we distinguish between those ‘just in case items’ worth keeping and those that can be let go when we’re looking for home organizing ideas?

One of my closest friends is an interior designer, and she said this is where the 20/20 rule comes in: if you can replace something in less than twenty minutes for less than $20.00, you don’t need to keep it. That helped to keep me moving forward and make those decisions easier and faster.

For example, you’re organizing your kitchen and come across an old wooden spoon. If you can replace it in less than twenty minutes for less than $20.00, then it’s probably best to let go of the item. On the other hand, if you have a sentimental piece, such as a family heirloom pasta maker from your great-grandmother who came from Sicily, then it’s probably best to keep it.

Psychology of decluttering

Excessive clutter often leads to feelings of shame, hopelessness, and guilt. These feelings often spiral, making it challenging to find the necessary motivation to address the mess. If a person is already suffering from depression, a cluttered home will most likely worsen the depression. It is often a cycle. The more depressed you get, the harder it is to clean and organize.

A study by the University of Connecticut found that by removing or controlling clutter, we can directly reduce the stress that stems from the mess, which can help us to feel happier, less anxious, and more confident in ourselves.

The essence of decluttering is focused on facing that lack of order and chaos that weighs us down by “letting go to be happy” and living a more austere life by getting rid of everything that is unnecessary and brings absolutely no value to our life.

The psychology of decluttering is clear:

  • Letting go of physical items helps to free our minds
  • Having a more organized, less cluttered home can lead to less stress and anxiety
  • Creating an environment that is conducive to productivity and creativity
  • Gaining more control over our thoughts and emotions
  • Living a more mindful and fulfilling life

Spiritual benefits of decluttering

As already discussed, decluttering helps to “let go” of old items that are no longer useful in our life today. That act of letting go is closely tied to spiritual action.

Decluttering causes us to confront some key relationships we have with our stuff and the world around us: We learn that clutter often represents our procrastination and avoidance patterns, and if we are to address the clutter, we must shift those patterns.

Decluttering helps clear out the “clutter” of our mind and spirit. By releasing physical items that no longer serve us, we are reminded of how to let go of emotions, thoughts, and memories that no longer serve us, as well.

Decluttering clears out negative energy and brings more positive energy into our lives. It can help to bring more balance, peace, and joy into our lives as we make space for what truly matters.

Finally, decluttering can help us to focus on the present moment by living in the now and releasing any attachment to the past or worries about the future, leading to a more mindful and fulfilling life.

What are the benefits of decluttering?

Decluttering is essential to living a mindful, productive, and meaningful life. Not only does it reduce stress, anxiety, and negative energy, but it also helps us to create more space for the things that truly matter. On a spiritual level, it can help us to create more balance, peace, and joy in our lives. On a professional level, it can help to boost productivity, creativity, and efficiency. And on an educational level, it can help to provide more focus and clarity. Put simply; decluttering is a great way to help bring more order, harmony, and meaning into our lives.

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