Why you need to appreciate yourself to be RICH

One of my friends was a very good people person. He was exceptionally talented at moving along with people. One day I go to him and I say, "Man you are so good at this, why don’t you spread the word out on some of the techniques you use to make people like you".

He looked at me confused especially over the question of his use of technique. "It is very obvious" he said, "Isn’t it obvious to everybody?"


IF someone gives you a lot of money for your work, won’t you be happy?

Of course you will be happy. In fact you’ll be happy for two reasons.

One, you worked hard and that gives you satisfaction of a day done well.

Two, someone is giving you money to reinforce number one that you did a good job.

Money works in this case as a feedback mechanism. It reinforces the importance of your work. If you were not paid, you probably will not be feeling very good about the hard work you put in that day. In fact, this time you will feel the opposite.

It is obvious for the employer that you worked. You may have mowed a lawn and that shows itself very visibly in the outside world. There is no denying it and hence it is obvious, no questions asked.


Sometimes we see not so obvious things happening around us. People use their intelligence and wit to tackle situations in very interesting ways.

I had a friend who weight was a little on the higher side. He did his workouts but was very passive about it and did not feel good about them. It was obvious that he was not going anywhere.

He then decided to jog. When he would come with sweat all over his body, people took note of that and complimented him.

He then decided to run a few kilometers and found out for himself that he was good at it.

He now has completed several marathons and is very proud of it. What running gave him was a feedback loop. A feedback loop that what he was doing was working.

What is the probability of success if you know what you are doing would work? The answer is apparent.


What if people appreciated him when he was working out? What if he had a group of gym friends who saw him sweat at the gym and told him he did well? Now here is a brand new butterfly effect situation.

(The Butterfly effect is a movie which depicts the different ways life would progress if we undertook different actions, decisions. The movie provides fantastic life perspective for me. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. )


The simple act of appreciation changes history. It makes people put more effort into what they are doing currently and makes them rich of a very important element in every human being, aka Life.

Appreciate, when you see a person do something which is not so apparent to rest of the crowd. You will not be the next life changing person showcased on TV, hell, you may not even know that you bettered a life. Another intricacy in the web of life.


You can also do well if you can correct someone if they are trying to do something good but are doing it incorrectly. What may have been obvious to you may not be obvious to the other.

This post is too obvious.


“If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.” ― Confucius

When you ask good questions, good answers always follow through. In fact, you can elevate yourself by asking good questions to yourself and letting the mind process it.

Coming back, “what is in it for me?” you may ask. If the title doesn’t say it clearly enough, here is what’s in it for you.

Appreciate yourself.

When you put in thoughtful effort, stay by your side being critical if you do a mistake and appreciative when you do right. This simple act is bound to bring changes in your life. Your mind gets rich and once that happens, so does your pocket, if you really wanted to.

Appreciate Yourself.

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