10 reasons to smile everyday – Managing the most contagious disease in the world!

Who said that the word “contagious” and “disease” should always be used for events that bring bad news?


On the peak hours of traffic, everyone is frustrated. Many are either going to work or returning from one. Smile barely has a room in their faces.

The traffic stops down due to another irrelevant signal and a child of a couple who are in a motorcycle smiles at Mr not-so-smiley-guy who is behind them. He is battered with tension and is tired in his vehicle. Mr not-so-smiley-guy smiles  back at the kid.

Now let us discuss the above situation point by point:

No1: The guy smiled.

No2: The kid smiled.

No3: I was watching the entire event from somewhere and I smiled.

No5: The child looked 10 times more beautiful than when it did not smile (I made that up).

No6: The road suddenly became livelier.

No7: You are very happy reading this and you did not notice that No4 is not listed.

Don’t worry, just smile and read on.


If you looked at old photographs, I mean really old photographs, you would rarely see people smiling.

I am not saying people were grumpy back then. See, when photography was first invented, the cameras required exposure times of the order of several hours. Sometimes as high as eight hours.

Imaging you being the subject of photography standing before the camera for eight goddamn hours. Would you be smiling for eight hours to get a good looking cool photo?

You cannot, unless you were a crazy person.

It’s Okay to let life wreak havoc resulting in a million combinations of emotions on your face. But still, try to smile as much as you can.

This topic brought us to the real juicy aspects of smile. Keep reading.


I will show you a way to smile that will actually put you on a happy face and makes you look cool.

You need to practice this smiling technique. So, get up and stand in front of the mirror and smile. Note down the key elements of muscle movement in your face especially what moved, what did not.

After you are done, here’s how you genuinely smile.

Genuine smile involves more muscles in your face than a normal, WT*, half-assed smile. More facial muscles are employed and you will notice that the area around the eyes become a little crinkled. And best of all, you look way too cool!

Try searching for smiling images of George Clooney, you'll know what I am talking about.  He has a terrific smile which breathes out warmth and cool at the same time.

Or you can look at this kid.

Kid Smiling with crinkling eyes cutely
Kid Smiling with crinkling eyes cutely


You can also learn smiling from this Whatsapp smiley.WhatsApp smiley

If you notice, good smiling can bring tears from your eyes. I know of a friend, who keeps shedding tears every time he smiles in insane quantities. He has a quality smile.


Model not Smiling
Model not Smiling

Smiling is usually perceived at an inverse correlation to status.

If you notice, fashion models at ramp walks do not smile much. Less smile equals more respect is common knowledge and it is very much universally accepted, and I do not deny that.


But if you can get respect and status from your actions and not your smile, please smile more. For the rest of you, I understand.


That’s rude and you’d come off as a jerk. There are only two people in the world eligible candidates to request people to smile. They are camera men and this page.

Or you could smile at your friend and request them politely, though you may either end up as a cool dude or an idiot based on their response.

If you want a person to smile, either find a camera man or share this post to them. I’ll be happier about the latter though.

A smile a day, keeps the doctor away. Let the epidemic of smile, spread all over the world.

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