How to be an idiot and still have a happy and successful life

Let's introduce a character. Lets call him, say Tom.

Everyday Tom looks around at intelligence and beauty. Tom reads Harry Potter. And gets baffled. Tom watches a funny and clever commercial. And gets baffled. Tom looks at six pack abs. Will I ever be able to write or think or be like these people? Will I be ever as good? Tom wonders.

The human mind is a very good thinking tool. It thinks a lot. Tom's mind may not be the best in the world, yet. Tom knows that. The world doesn't.

Then this happens. Tom begins to compare. He looks around and compares his ability and intelligence and beauty with people around him.

That is not the problem. Here is the problem. When people produce themselves to the stage of the world. They produce the best version of themselves.

Models don't come to photo shoot right after they get up from bed. If they did we may have some not so good Magazine covers.

People don't present the worst of themselves to the world. They present the best of themselves. Tom, our friend, thereby does not get to know about the worst of these people.

Tom ends up comparing the best of his role models and the worst of himself. He only gets to know about the best of the people around him. However. He knows completely about himself. Worst and the Best. Mostly the worst. The worst things stick more, don't they?

Now tell me, how can Tom be happy , if he compares the average himself, with the best version of others?

No wonder he thinks he is an Idiot at times.

Yet. Tom is admirable. He is a fun loving cool dude and is quite intelligent. Tim is Tom's friend. Tim thinks Tom is Amazing and cool. He wishes he could have some of Tom's coolness.

Let's now get back to the title of this post.

How to be an idiot?
Comparing the worst version of yourself with the best version of any person will make you look like an idiot in your eyes.
And still have a happy successful life?
Instead look at what effort everyone had to put to get there. Look at the hard work, the sweat and the risks. The Tactics. Their thoughts.

This will hopefully take you on a journey to a better life and indeed a happy one.

Disclosure : This post was written using the twenty minute early morning routine discussed in "Unable to get what you want? Here is how to make more time for it". Do read that. This post took two such morning routines of ten minutes to write.

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