How a Wind Chime stopped a thief from Robbing a Home

We all have had role models we look up to. I had one when I was young. When I was around 6 years old, I remember this guy (lets call him dude) who came to my home and stayed there for a week.

I think he is a distant relation of mine. I do not remember his name. But I remember the stories he told me. They are one of the oldest memories I have. This one story which I am about to tell you, stuck to me, well in my mind.

On a bright summer evening, Dude was relaxing on his first floor balcony when he was disturbed by the sound of a person jumping over a wall. Dude looks out and finds an unknown guy entering into the neighbours house.

Dude was wondering what was happening but decided to wait and see what unknown was going to do. Dude was also getting ready to confront unknown about the intrusion.

But then something happened. A wind chime was hanging outside the neighbours house and it started to tingle when a slight breeze went by.

Unknown stops going further into the house, stands there for a minute, looks around and jumps back outside the house and runs away.

Now, dude is obviously confused. What made the Unknown not enter the house and steal? What made him turn away?

I clearly remember Dude telling me that the Wind Chime changed the way Unknown ( a potential thief) thought. Unknown must have come inside the house, listened to the chime, felt calm and grateful and changed his mind about stealing. That''s just Dude's theory. Yet, that is totally possible. I don't know. Dude doesn't know. Nobody knows.

This old buried memory of mine came to the surface when I went to a beautiful home and saw a wind chime, chiming away. It was very relaxing to hear it. Very calm and soothing and I felt much better staying there.

I do not know much about Feng-Shui, but if a wind chime can change a thief, It definitely can help relax the people on a home. A relaxed thoughtful mind is a beautiful mind.

What do you think of a Wind Chime?

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