Personal Development for the Savvy

You can have only two kinds of Habits

  • Habits of Stress Relief.
  • Habits of Continuous Improvement (also includes Eu-stress).

We are bored in our lives. We work hard and then we try to relieve the stress in our lives through careless entertainment. That is what I did at least.

I spiraled into a stress relieving habitual lifestyle ignoring everything from family, friends and people.

There is nothing wrong in relieving stress, it is just that I hated living a life just to relieve stress.

Stress can come from boredom, Jobs, family, illness, writing a blog etc. Though writing a blog results in Eu-stress which helps in continuous Improvement.

I did not feel very good internally and I decided to change it. I wanted a life which continually Improved me everyday. That's kind of cliched, I know. I am not talking about reading self help books to feel empowered without any kind of action backing it. Doing that my friend is a mere stress relieving habit. It will not take you anywhere in life. Like productively watching TV, it is futile.

The purpose of this website is to empower the person who reads it towards the latter habit of consistent Improvement.

I believe in transparency and started this website on 26th February 2016 and I plan to write at least 300 words a day in the form of partial posts which I'll be combining and publishing.

If I write 300 words a day, that would be 3000 words in ten days and 9000 words a month. That's not much, but if I continue to write consistently I believe this website will be enough to fill out a dozen books by the end of the year.

As the website grows, I will be updating this page with the things which you can do once you land here. I want you, the reader to understand and see for yourself the way this website shapes itself by consistent effort.


For now, the top of the website has a menu which can be used to access the blog. You can start right there.

Until then,