The journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.
Lao Tzu

A lot of us Think. A little of us Aim. The least of us Act.

My friend wanted to buy a mobile phone for himself. He was using a feature phone before that and the prospect of getting a smartphone confused him. He looked up websites. Compared mobiles based on technical specifications. And was doing this day in and out.

A month rolls out and he is still doing the search. He asked me and ten other people for suggestions. It was information overload. Madness. He was stuck on the thinking phase.

I felt bad on his dilemma and asked him, what his needs in the mobile were. It was shocking for me to hear him say that he needed a phone to call and use Whats-app with occasional video and audio playback. May be some mild gaming and browsing.

I was not shocked at him for his simple needs. In fact I have the same needs. 99% of the people using smartphones have the same need.

What shocked me was he was going through phones with 4 gb ram and best in class processors with wireless charging and a mandatory fingerprint sensor.Any decent entry level smartphone these days could do what he needed and much more.

He burnt himself out.

# Paralysis of Analysis

What my friend is using until now is the same feature phone. He seems happy with it. He doesn't need 4GB Ram. He may be needs one with bigger battery to enjoy his simple needs.

# Aimless Wandering

People with goals get what they want because they know exactly what they are doing.

Aimless wandering is good. It is sometimes essential to discover yourself. But Aimless wandering cannot be your Aim. There is a time when the aimlessness stops and the specifics come into the picture. That's how people get sophisticated. That's how James Bond gets his specific tastes in ordering drinks. He didn't magically think of the drink he orders in Casino Royale. There is a wandering experience backing up him up. He need to have tried a lot of drinks to find a good one. Lot's of bad drinks until he found the good ones. The point is to find it. And not be wandering into eternity.

# The Happy Act

And then of course you ACT. Actors portray what is in their imagination into reality. When you act, your imagination becomes a reality.

Your dream car becomes a reality, your happy family becomes a reality, your home sweet home becomes a reality.

It all begins with the Act.