I saw a kid the other day on the street side near a bench. He looked like he was about to do something. You can always guess that about someone, when they are about to do something.

He sat down on the bench and put his legs, on either side, the way one would sit on a bike ready to ride. He kick started his imaginary bike, put on the gear, gave some acceleration by rolling his fists in air and moved on to his own imaginary road.

He looked happy. Authentically happy. To hell with it, i was not that much happy when I had my first real motorcycle. I envied that kid.

We humans have a variety of experiences that shape us and our future.

We have pleasurable experiences which make us repeat them, like loving, feasting on our favourite food etc. Then there are horrible experiences which we try to run away from all the time.

Humbling experiences are some rare experiences which catch us unaware but they form lasting impressions which forms the baseline of our character.

If anyone should go in search of experiences, start with some that humbles you. You probably won't.